Where is Alchemy going?

Times change. Technology changes the times. Wisdom inspires technology. Wisdom is acquired through experience and with more wisdom comes more technology that makes time go by faster.

ZP.tech has been not even on the cutting edge, but the bleeding edge for years, experimenting, challenging, working with other labs and “just seeing what happens” when we try something. We’ve produced many powerful, popular and groundbreaking products that have changed not only our own lives, but many lives of other.

Going back to Zynergy, one of our first and most popular products we saw amazing things happen to others and ourselves that use Zynergy. It inspired Zynergy +, more elaborate powders, additional metals and more.

Fuzion spawned over a year ago in conversation with frustration of taking M-States and a tablet multi-vitamins desiring to streamline the two together. After working with multiple suppliers for bottles, plastics, new partners in the chain and advancing our metallurgy we succeeded in blending the two together for the best combo. A year later, we’re in talks with national distributors and invited to trade shows to expose Fuzion and get it in the hands of the masses.

Our reseller program has grown very well with multi-continental presence and distributions; ZP.tech is continuing to expand throughout the world.

That brings us to today, right now, and we wanted to reflect some on how we got here. Yes, with the many great old and modern minds of Alchemy from the Egyptians to modern day marvels such as Art Kunkin, we want to also recognize you.

The body of people that comprise the leading force within this environment are all the wonderful people that motivate us, ask questions and provide information and suggestions of where to go next. Our Frequency line is a great example, for years, we’ve been receiving requests to grow crystals to specific songs by some users that wanted to infuse their powders with their choice of music. Not to recently, resonance therapy was criticized for it’s capacity to do anything. Sure, there we’re firm believers in sounds capacity to heal, enlighten and embolden…but did it really add a new quality to life? There have been studies of music on plants, people, how it effects sleep, can it impact studying, driving and so on. Putting aside all these studies that prove there’s an impact, so many remained skeptical to ability to truly enrich life.

We’ve moved on from Beta to cassette, LP to CD and Analog to MP3. Satellite to iPods. Music, sounds, audio, and vibration obviously bring a substantial amount of joy to people’s lives or it wouldn’t be the industry that it is.

Using this simple observation, we began working with different tones and frequencies with the crystal growing process to see what happened. We quickly learned that the Solfeggio tones we’re one of the most stimulating groupings of frequencies and the rest is history.

You’re inspiration, you’re feedback and suggestions really do inspire our products, free offerings and most importantly, the desire to keep researching.

With you’re commitment, we’re thrilled each month to be able to offer one promotion and one sale. Blending education, experience and products to our best abilities so you have the chance to try, learn and experience something new each month. We thank you for your participation and look forward to many more new, unique and powerful offerings each month.

Because of you, we’re able to continue this path and there is much more to come.