Seeing histories reflection in life events becomes more and more recognizable. Either our personal experiences or the worlds, our reactions to traveling this road before or hearing stories of a path can either detract or enhance the enrichment gained from these experiences. Renewal is a potential part of this process. We can either choose to be observant of this or ignore it. Just a few months ago, the new year chimed in, new ambitions outlined and new goals put into action, or for some the tasks of life were too daunting and turned away from self development, self growth and self healing. Carpe diem, a popular saying that is regularly repurposed into the modern fad saying of the moment still holds its value. Spring, our annual reminder that Earth will begin the cycle of new life and “trying again” can teach us a lot. Our beautiful planet continues on, from the cold, the harshness, the lack of light and comes back full force ready to go again. This is the principle of our Annual Spring Renewal. New life, new opportunities, new chances to take and new possibilities are only within grasp by those willing to reach for it. We’re right here with you on that path. Life awaits, go get it! As we’ve heard before, Carpe diem! Or in todays more popular repurposing, YOLO.