All parts of the earth are subject to damage. Some damage is caused by natural events, such as volcanic eruptions and erosion, but humans are also responsible for compromising the planet. Earth has gone through five phases of extinction, mostly caused by asteroids. Many people speculate that if there is ever a destructive element that affects the earth with the same impact again, it will probably be man-made.

World Environment Day

(Pixabay / Andy_Bay)

It is estimated that the earth’s human population is using the planet’s resources 50 percent faster than they are replenishing them. If those figures hold, the current population will need two versions of the earth to support consumption. In light of these grim prospects, it’s time for everybody to chip in and help save the planet from extinction.

You can help improve the environment through small actions. Consider the following ideas:

  • Walk or ride a bike – Limit the use of cars and other motor vehicles in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Walking and biking help Mother Earth while allowing you to shed extra calories.
  • Unplug unused electronics – Even when not in use, electronics eat up power when left plugged in. Unplugging will lower your electric bill and conserve important resources.
  • Use public transport or carpools – If walking or biking to work is not an option, use public transportation or try to set up a carpool.
  • Install low-flow showerheads – Using less water while showering will reduce your water bill and help conserve a limited resource.
  • Sign up for e-billing – Paying your bills electronically will save you time and money and also help protect trees.
  • Adjust the thermostat – Keep your home temperature moderate. Put your heater at a lower temperature and your air conditioner at a higher temperature in order to save on electricity.
  • Opt for reusable shopping bags – Instead of using disposable grocery bags that accumulate in landfills, bring your own bags to the store. Cloth or canvas bags are more environmentally friendly than the plastic versions.
  • Use white powder gold instead of chemicals for treating various diseases.

Even small steps to protect the environment add up. When a single action is magnified by all the inhabitants of the planet, the contribution will become significant.