Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, or ORME, is the term associated with the white powder that comes from gold, platinum, and other transitional metals. Monatomic minerals have electrons that are in the so-called high spin state. These minerals are referred to by science as exotic matter because they are not yet understood and are not included in the Periodic Table of Elements. New studies have shown, however, that the white powder may not be exactly monatomic, but rather diatomic because it could be a small cluster of condensates. These elements are generally called ORMUS OR m-state elements.

The effects of White Powder Gold On The Brain

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The physical weight of m-state elements can be decreased to a negative value when subjected to specific high temperatures. The elements are capable of levitating and can be coaxed to become superconductive. They may even resonate in parallel dimensions.

Living organisms exist with support from the external monatomic sources, such as the sun, and the internal monatomic cells in the body. A human’s receptivity to energy depends on his mental and emotional state. Unlike humans, animals do not possess the mental overlay we call bias, making them consistently responsive to the life-force that comes from the sun and the monatomic atoms inside the cells.

Humans, with their great mental activity, are subject to emotional distortions that prevent them from attaining their spiritual and biological potential. The energy is unable to flow because it is blocked by the strong emotional biases that limit their full access to all the frequencies and spectrums available from the source.

Monatomic energy has attributes that exist in the here and now due to the electrons’ time-forward and time-reverse aspects. When monatomic substances are subjected to high temperature, the vibration levels increase, causing them to jump into the higher dimensions. It is similar to water that becomes invisible vapor when heated but returns to the water state again when cooled. When this concept is transposed on the inter-dimensional threshold, the substance disappears from physical reality.

Ingesting monatomic elements is similar to ingesting receptors to the life force, manifesting in the form of matter or energy. The human body can produce the needed vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and much more if it is receptive. Ingesting monatomic minerals completes the scenario.

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Have you ever heard of a type of gold that has healing potential? It may sound like a myth but it’s true. It exists! The medicinal gold is called Ormus. At some point, it was also called the Philosopher’s Stone, an elixir of life that could possibly give one an everlasting life. But there are untrue things regarding the effectiveness of the white powder gold. What should one believe? Here’s everything you need to know about the miraculous gold.

What Does White Powder Gold Do to the Brain