The pineal gland goes by many names – pineal body, epiphysis, epiphysis cerebri, and, more popularly, the “third eye.” It is a small endocrine gland that is located in the center of the brain. It is pea-sized, reddish-gray in color, and shaped like a pine cone (hence the name pineal). It is responsible for producing melatonin, the hormone affecting the modulation of your sleep and waking patterns and the body’s seasonal (photoperiodic) functions.

Pineal Gland

(Pixabay / holdentrils)

Though the physiological functions of the gland were only recently discovered, its mystical properties have been plumbed for centuries. This area right in the middle of the brain is said to be the link connecting the spiritual and physical worlds. The gland is essential in activating supernatural powers and is considered the highest and most powerful source of a person’s ethereal energy. This gland, which is believed to provide a higher form of vision, is closely associated with the development of a person’s psychic talents.

When the third eye is awakened, a person will feel pressure radiating from the base of the brain. In the olden days, the eye was the mysterious connection to mysticism and superstition. Today, it is linked to the sixth chakra and is now viewed as a physical eye that sees beyond boundaries of space and time.

If people are aware of their third eye and how to use it to see beyond physical reality, they can begin to differentiate between simple thoughts and those that come from higher frequencies.

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