Our health is something most of us easily say is important to us. Why is it so hard to stay focused on it? Unfortunately, it’s not usually until there’s something wrong that we take action. It’s not you. It’s the world and culture. Most work in jobs that don’t easily facilitate healthy practices. Many social cues put us in positions to choose between poor food choices too regularly. The good news. You’re still in control. Although new healthy habits can be hard to stick to and big life changes may not stick for long, making healthier choices, even small ones can make a big difference. Take the stairs, grab a water, do a half portion. Making little changes will lead to life altering benefits. A little can go a long way and we’ve seen most people just simply can’t stick to big changes, but little ones are long lasting. As you continue to pursue your next health goals, remember that big changes are good, but little ones may just make a bigger difference.