“I think the problem with that is: we don’t know enough about the brain to know how much we know about the brain.” ~ Steve Roberts

There’s a lot of brain stuff out there. “We only use 3% of our brain”….or what is 7%? Depends on who you ask, or, you use 100% of your brain just not all at the same time. There are studies to support and discredit those lines of thinkings. We’re obsessed with understanding how the brain works and don’t get this wrong….we (the collective We) know A LOT about the brain, but that doesn’t mean we know nearly as much as there is to know. Daily, we’re reading a new article about some amazing discovery. Consciousness has perplexed scholars, philosophers, psychologists and more for, well, forever.

Here’s what we KNOW about consciousness, Cogito, ergo sum. Sounds familiar? That’s “I think therefore I am” from the 1600’s thinker René Descartes. Here at ZP.tech we interface with a broad range of minds, Academics, Doctors, Mystics, Sceptics, Spiritualists and more. We’re all on this same journey. What so many people have discovered is the connection between what we ingest and how our minds react. This is a BIG discovery. Alchemists, scientists, chemists and more for centuries have realized that minerals impact the mind and modern science has displayed this to be true. That’s the journey we’re on. To find the best M-States to help with our minds. Memory, awareness, wellbeing, health and more. We’re glad you’re with us and we hope you enjoy this month’s promo on Zynergy+, our flagship M-state, used all over the world!