The world has gotten in a big hurry hasn’t it? Everywhere you turn, something else is demanding your time, tv, advertisements, let’s not forget work, ohh yeah, and more work, not to mention our life-support system smart phones constantly reminding us of the next task ahead. You can’t fall behind anymore and if you take more than an hour to respond to an email, a phone call, a text, a facebook message well……you’re just not plugged in well enough. How do we cope with all that life asks from us these days? “Unplug”, that’s a common one used and applied by many, but in the end, after a 2 day or even 2 hour escape, we’re back to serving the world with it’s long list of demands. So, how do we find to live our lives? How do we actually meet all the expectations and still feel fresh, energized and rewarded for our efforts, not to mention a little down time? The answer is a little different for everyone, we mix in the gym, a little yoga here and there, a stab at a vacation and more. Speaking of vacations, if you work 50 weeks out of the year to only look forward to 2 of them, I promise you, there’s better way. Yes, there are books, movies on netflix, seminars, little pamphlets with some tips, websites and more but here’s the biggest component that so many people miss. The key essential to enriching your life, enjoying your time and living. You have to actually go and do it. Easier said than done, I agree, but before you can start living, you have to actually attempt to do it. It still takes energy, time, maybe a little sweat but you have to leave the seminar, close the book,  put aside the remote and actually go and do what you want to do. So many people spend their time dreaming of a new activity, a new relationship, a new experience and get so caught up in the world, the demands, the doubts that they don’t even try. The first step to living is giving it a shot. You’ll see that the rest of the stuff that gets in the way often times turns our to be an illusion tricking you into thinking your couldn’t do it. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!