About this time of year many of us begin the feel the “last hoorah” of summer. Camping trips are planned, that family trip to the water park and a few extra BBQ’s. Enjoy your summer and make the most of any season. That being said, get a little extra sunlight if you can. Vitamin D is a big deal, a really big deal and too many of us are running a deficiency. Weak immune systems, unhealthy cells which leads o a myriad of things and low energy. Have you ever noticed this gets worse during the cooler less sunny times of the year? Everyone’s vitamin D needs are different and reacts to varying levels differently, but the same side effects and benefits ring true for everyone. Healthy, happy, energetic vitamin D does wonders for everyone. As we begin to trail off the shinny days, start your research on how to get vitamin d during without sunlight. There’s tablets, light boxes, pills and so on but nothing substitutes the natural vitamin d our body make from UVB rays. Now, what about the sun? Lot’s of chatter about the sun changing it’s polarity. What does this mean? Well, it’s nothing new, it happens every decade or so and this time, we may see a little more excitement since we have so much more technology. This will be interesting to observe and we’ll keep an eye on it. Also up in the air is a visually stunning astroid shower August 11th and 12th. Hopefully you got to see it. Summer is fun, live it up, enjoy, get some extra sunlight and start getting ready for the seasonal change. You may be just a little healthier and happier this winter with a little kick in vitamin D.