There are so many things we’re just scratching the surface on. Sound, and how it impacts us physically and mentally is an area that we see huge impacts on us, but still in many cases have no idea why. Scientists measure the brain, we learn what chemicals release to what kinds of tones…..but why? We’re highly musical creatures, from culture to culture music, is often found as a bonding agent that brings us together.
A little over 6 years ago, we entered the realm of the Solfeggio Frequencies, an intriguing and interesting discovery of how specific frequencies embraced by the communities of self-healers, mindfulness sojourners, natural medicine explorers, mystics and spiritualist, we had to see what this was all about. We learned a lot very quickly about these powerful tones and how they’re adopted in many ways and uses. To our surprise, we enjoyed a real experience with these tones too. So much to the point that we grew crystals to them, had meditation songs created for them and shared many articles about them like this one on how ice crystals form to these tones, and this one, how specific frequencies have demonstrated healing properties. We have been blown away by the crystal formations during the growing process. Frequency, our powder line dedicated to the solfeggio tones are a precise blend of Gold, Silver and Copper. These three metals make a tremendous combo for frequency influenced M-States.
It’s our joy to share with you the 528hz tones this month. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the solfeggio powders here.