We are very excited to prepare this article for you. A new year brings a lot of contemplation, reflection, renewed ambition and hope. From career to health, money to quality of life and family. There is often times an array of new ambitions that surface and we wish you the best of luck with these goals.


We often read about new ways to stay motivated, new goal tracking systems and so on and so forth. Although these may work for some and the light of inspiration may quickly fade for others there is often something overlooked. Focus. Not just an exciting idea that we ponder and then become bored or even discourages with, but an intense focus that changes our lives.
Yes, most of us have heard that these big goals are a “life style” change but….what does that really mean? We make some new habits? We give up some old ones? Yes, but it’s far more than that. The process of changing your lifestyle is one that often times comes with a sacrifice, a sacrifice that stings. Most of us can only handle the “pain” for so long then we resort back to what we know is comfortable. From yo-yo dieting to paying off credit cards then racking them back up again, hope fades, perhaps the most important ingredient to true change.
Some philosophy describes us as creatures of torture, we enjoy suffering. Other perspectives describe us as creatures of hope and joy. We say yes. We are what we decide to be, by choice, by hope or lack thereof and quickly find the end result either with a level of satisfaction and resolve we can’t truly explain, or a dark place, missing hope and again, something else we can’t explain.
We hope that with all the new decision and goals we pursue in this new year, they are ones we can apply a laser focus to that allows the sacrifices to sting less, the success to be greater, the resolve to be absolute and the gains to be grand.
We’re here with you well on this journey. With great emotional releases the conclusion has brought to millions around the world we feel as though with hopefully a few less distractions we can all make the changes we aim to achieve.