What’s special about summer? Why all the excitement, activities and renewed happiness during this short time of the year? Sure, it’s nice out and the lakes warm up and sun warms us up but it’s deeper than that. It’s primal. From food growth to longer days, the “sunny season” brings more to life than just a little bit of fun. Summer in general is when we plan for time to be spent with friends, family and even reconnect with detached relationships. Home buying, weddings, reunions, feasts, travel and much more all pick up over the summer. Interestingly enough, 39% of the countries population lives in coastal counties is where the sun is shining like summer more so than the rest of the country. So, nearly 40% of the country lives on less than 10% of the countries land mass because of the ocean, sun or climate? This still doesn’t explain why Summer has the life changing effect that is has, even for people living in near or normal summer areas 365 days a year. Summer, this magic period is a resonating season for us to connect and grow with others. We encourage everyone to make the most of the special time of the year and follow the natural instincts to get out, connect, play, relax and revitalize. Summer is short, special and designed for us to take advantage of for a multitude of reasons. Get out and enjoy!