The team here at continues to strive for discovery and knowledge to further the experiences we can help create for all of our users. With a philosophy of, “we won’t make anything we won’t use ourselves” we go through many experiments and clever uses of Alchemy. As we discussed last month, how to use Alchemy in many ways, for pets, plants, in the bath cooking and more, now we aim to expand the product offerings that enhance the applications of Alchemy. With new endeavors underway, such as, more Solfeggio tones, new products for Juicing, Wheat Grass, supplement powders, Tea and more. We’re always opening new doors to build the experiences Alchemy produces in your life.

As of now, we’re pouring substantial energy into infrastructure to deliver more information through the web, the socials, print media and more. With a new product usage master page being built, the video cameras rolling for informative and instructional videos, we aim to continue to be an information depot for all those interested and using M-State products.

Team Fuzion is alive and well. With the next version of Fuzion under development, a Motocross team and a drag race group spreading the experiences of products, we have many exciting things in the near future for Fuzion.

Pet and Plant Alchemy is under development. As many of us enjoy our animal companions and appreciate the quality of our gardening and plants, we want to make sure that our products under development enhance and enrich the lives that surround us.

We can’t wait to show you so many of these things, and many are due out soon. More information on its way! Stay tuned to our social profiles and our website.