We’ve discussed happiness before. Owning it. Making it. Deciding for it. Contentment is one of those things often times over looked, taking that pause and looking at what you’ve got and thinking, “not too bad”. If you’re reading this on a screen, life, realistically, is probably pretty abundant. But what about this silly human condition we have? ALWAYS wanting more? Confusing you wants with our needs, then actually bringing ourselves lower if we don’t have that gizmo or experience that event. The human experience is pretty amazing and we have to live this ride makes a difference. Yes, life’s not fair, there’s someone with more than you, and someone with less. Desire doesn’t have to be bad and can motivate us to do great things, however, we can also take it a little too far as well. Where is this balance? It’s a little different for everybody, however, taking a pause to reflect and focus on contentment usually pays big dividends. People confuse contentment with apathy, nothing could be further from the truth. You can be happy with less and still working towards more. It simply means, you’ll live a happier life longer as you’ve been enjoying the ride along the way. This summer, we encourage everyone to stop, smell the roses a bit, give that nod and thanks to the universe for the things you have and see how hard you’ve worked. You’ve got more you want to do thats ahead, and that’s okay, so is stopping to see how far you’ve come.