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Spring is weeks away and we’re ready for the change of the season. To celebrate the transition we’re excited to share with you a 50% off all Original Zynergy liquids in all production sizes.

We’ve made quite a bit too much Zynergy this month and we only like to keep fresh product on hand. One of our strategies is to offer the excess product as the monthly promo. It’s worked well for us and gives our customers and great deal at a great price.

Zynergy is a powerful blend of Gold and Indium infused with some of the healthiest minerals on earth. Zynergy is one of the best liquids to maintain and keep your Monoatomic Mineral levels high. Maintanence is important and with maintenance, it’s consistency that is more important then the amount you take. Keeping your levels high for a couple weeks at a time makes more sense then taking a lot in one sitting.

We hope you enjoy the promo and look forward to a positive and exciting seasonal change ahead!