We’ve all heard it. Exercise. Stand up more. Close those circles. Get the steps in. Staying active and getting fit seems to be an obvious goal. Hard at times yes, life gets in the way. Work stress. Family issues. Life milestones. Kids. No Kids. It seems to be par for the course that life makes doing obviously good and simple things very difficult. We set goals, stay committed, then every time we get some momentum something comes along to screw it up! Health goals, money goals, career goals, basically anything with a goal appears to be victim to life and its curve balls.
It’s easy to wonder if losing stride with some simple exercise goals amplifies these life problems? When things get hard and tiresome, often the first things to go are the early mornings at the gym, the extra time to prep a sensible meal…on the flip side maybe an extra adult beverage to help wind down is added. It’s worth asking if the compounding pressures of life are made more compressing by the abandonment of obviously simple and not really that hard activity goals? Stress, depression, anxiety and more mental spaces are all influences by volume of (or lack there of) activity.
The Mayo Clinic has a great list of obvious benefits that come from exercise. These 7 perks read familiarly, obviously, and for many….impossibly. Maybe, just maybe after you read this article, a little walk around the block is a good place to start. =)
We hope summer is going well for all you!! Happy activity time.