~Embarking Upon the Alchemical Path~

ZP.tech is thrilled to have made available this powerful course at an amazing value. With over 4 months and ten 120 minute training sessions, you’ll explore and learn about the vast world of modern day Alchemy. These weekly teleconferences are interactive, and you’ll have the chance to hear from the most profound names in Alchemy. With public speakers ranging from Barry Carter to Vitriol Labs, you’ll experience full spectrum knowledge covering Ancient history through Modern Metallurgy.

Hosted by our friends, Diviners Rights, prepare to work with the most powerful beings in Alchemy!

These classes usually sell for $250. We’re honored to offer them to you for free with an order over $200. Just indicated in the shipping details that you’d like the training course and you’ll receive enrollment from us within 2 business days. Enrollment closes on March 17th- 2010

For more details go to: http://zptech.net/school.html

Here’s the course:
February 10: Headmaster of Diviner’s Rights, Brady Phillips, Explains what Alchemy Is and Why It is Perhaps the Most Relevant Science In the World Today as we Continue The Shift. 6pm PST
February 24: Barry Carter, from www.subtleenergies.com, Shares his Experience with ORMUS and It’s Correlation with Ancient Egypt and Alchemy. 6pm PST
March 10: Art Kunkin, Perhaps the Most Accomplished Alchemist of our age, joins us to speak about the Secret Fire of the Alchemists and A New Breakthrough in Immortality. 6pm PST
March 24: Robert Lopez joins us to speak about Experiencing Conjunction as Oneness. Com-pletely Unconditional Love, Joy, Understanding, and Bliss are the Subjects for the Evening. 6pm PST
April 7: Jeffrey Edwards of Alchemists International (www.leadintogold.com) joins us to speak about Transforming our Society and the Planet as a whole through Alchemical Principles. 6pm PST
April 21: Dr. Theresa Ibis from Universal Kabbalah Network (www.universalkabbalah.net) joins us to speak about the application of Kabbalah in Alchemy. 6pm PST
May 5: Ronald Vinal, a Renowned Alchemical Hypnotherapist, joins us to speak about Accessing the Higher Self and How Important it is to Merge the Body and Soul into One Still Point. 6pm PST
May 19: Micah Nielsson & Paul Bartscher of Al-Kemi (www.al-kemi.com) Join us to Speak about Herbal Alchemy and Spagyrics. 6pm PST
June 2: Andrew Minkin, Master Astrologer & Alchemist (www.archaeusdesign.com), will be Join-ing us to speak about Why Astrology is So Important to Alchemy and How it is Used. He will also be speaking about a New Form of Astrology called Fractal Astrology. 6pm PST
June 16: Paul Harris of Vitriol Labs in Canada will be joining us to speak about the Legendary Phi-losopher’s Stone and discovering the Realities of The Great Work. 6pm PST

To learn more go to www.zptech.net/school.html