Salt and Iron are essentials for life. We don’t think about these two often. If anything we hear about avoiding sodium and why eat iron? Well, as simple and common as they are, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put some energy into understanding them and why balance is key.

Salt, it’s everywhere and the oldest seasoning. We’re so used to it that if we don’t have salt, it could really ruin our meal. Salt serves our muscles and nervous system and salt even improves sleep quality! Here at we use some of the best salt in the world from the mineral-rich valleys here in Utah.

Iron too is a simple yet vital. Iron plays a huge role in health by how it helps move Oxygen through our body. Have you ever needed to get ready to go to higher elevations for travel? Check out supplementing with iron a few months before you go to boost hemoglobin production.  The brain is also very sensitive to iron for development, memory, recall and more. Iron deficiency affects more than 2 BILLION people but there’s a balance. You can’t have too much or too little. You’ll want to check with your doctor before you begin an iron supplement plan.

If you haven’t looked into these two before, it’s worth a peak. =)