Let’s be honest.
The holidays are hard for almost every relationally for some reason. The sense of being alone, the feeling of having to see people you don’t really want to or be reminded of previous life experiences.
The holidays seem to have an edge to them for many because of the relationships that come along with them. It may not be a scrooge thing, but a people thing. Healthy and meaningful relationships are difficult, take time, care and investment….but their payoff is huge.
One study suggests that relationships help you live longer, cope with stress better, have a more physically healthier body and even feel richer. Isn’t that interesting? If good relationships can have those kids of effects on us, what does a lack of or unhealthy relationships do to us? We may be able to supplement some of these things with a good diet, time in the gym, a mindfulness strategy and a good book, but we’re social creatures. We long for companionship and other people.
This holiday season, this Christmas, we hope you can make the most of your relationships, make new ones, rekindle old ones and build into important ones.
From the team here at ZP.tech, we’re thankful for you.