As we kick off the new year and chase down our goals, ambitions, resolutions….or even avoid the whole game altogether, there’s something that stirs at the beginning of each year. A stirring that’s good for some…maybe not so good for some. Either way, there’s a lot of hyp our there and we wanted to give you three things you can do this 2018 to experience real change in your life, for the good!

  1. Meditation helps preserve gray matter in the brain and actually drives time back to a younger, more vibrant mind. Are you into Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Prayer of some other form of mind building internal focusing? If not you’ll want to learn more about the power of meditation. Check out this study from the University of California and others.
  2. Read. Reading is something we do more of and less of these days. We’re continually consuming little text bits online, with the news and more. But the art of reading, sitting down in a place when you cna get consumed in a story or impersed in an idea for an extended period of time is something that seems to bne fading. Audio books are great, videos are wonderful, but reading does something special for the brain and helps promote deep thinking. There are a bunch of benefits to look into for reading more in 2018.
  3. Try silver. Silver? Yes. More silver. Silver has a multyipltude of health benefits and we make the best one, Aquasilver. Silver is used in so many health applications we can’t list them all, but it’s also part of our Januray was promortion. Solstice has silver in it along with Gold and Iron. You’re not goin to want to miss this Solstice 2017 limited release. 

Change can happen this year! We wish you all good luck and positive mojo as we move further into this year.