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Solstice 2021 Promo

Let nature embrace each and every day of your life with warmth and love. Darkness gives way to light and Winter Solstice sets the new beginning.

Free Solstice Promo

Ready for change… New firsts?

We’ve blended together Gold, Silver, Iron, and Salt, to produce a powerful alchemy designed to provide a stone in with to rally your fresh, new beginnings on. We harvested and dried the crystals on the Winter Solstice and are releasing them for our January Promotion.

We are giving away this pure mineral alchemy with all qualifying orders over $100.00. Every order over $100 receives free bottle of 1oz. Solstice

May this special astrological phenomenon leave you with warmth of sun rays and happiness in heart.

The solstice will not show up in your shopping cart or on your invoice. We simply add it to your order upon shipping.

zptech solstice

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