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Excludes some bundles, 6 packs, and 12 packs.



“Buy One, Get One Free”

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Elevate Monoatomic M-states

Nothing more to do. We will automatically add your free “Conduit” to your order upon shipping.

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Free 1g. powder with every order over $100

Ready to Elevate your consciousness?

We’ve combined Gold, Platinum, and Copper, to produce a highly super conductive state. By altering the frequencies in the brain, we are able to increase the size of the conduit, allowing new energies to flow and flourish.

New doors open physically, spiritually, and emotionally, when we are flowing at a higher state. New relationships and opportunities show themselves quite often, and through this new transparency, we are able to see them and have the ability to act on them quickly and efficiently.

Elevate gives us the tools to learn and grow, at a highly efficient rate. Your consciousness will definitely be elevated!​



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