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Monatomic Mineral Supplements



Zptech’s 1-5-10 promo, is the most popular promo we run, other than the “Buy One Get One Free” Promo on Thanksgiving Weekend. This is a way for our customers to stock up on powders and maximize your spending power.

This Time things have changed. We’ve incorporated a new plugin that allows our clients to easily and efficiently choose their free powders. When your dollar amount reaches the qualification amount, you are then offered the choice of powders in a list on the cart and checkout pages, where you add your free choice.

We think this will take the guesswork out of knowing if we received your choice and if it will be included. We’re really excited to see how it all works. So feel free to play with it and make sure it looks good and gives you the options your looking for.



We’ve made it fun and easy to pick your free powder


We’ve put together a new module on the website, that allows you to add the free powders you qualify for, with a click of the mouse.

No more typing in your choice and trying to figure out if we got it. No more math to see what size bottle you qualify for.

With the new module, you will simply pick your powder and hit “Add to Cart”



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