Zynergy Monoatomic Powder

Zynergy® Powder


Monoatomic White Powder Gold & Indium

Gold & Indium. A powder with the same two transition group metals as Zynergy liquid. A good foundation Monoatomic mineral for daily maintenance and a good place to start your journey.


  • 1 gram – $60
  • 5 gram – $195
  • 10 gram – $360

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Monoatomic White Powder Gold & Indium


Monoatomic Gold & Diatomic Indium. When combined with natural minerals and elements mined in southern Utah, the resulting crystals produce a unique powder that replenishes vital nutrients not otherwise available. Most users continue using it indefinitely, for super health maintenance. This is a daily use, foundation monoatomic, used to keep the levels in the body elevated. The brain and the immune system react extremely well when these elements are present.

The body has certain nutrients it needs to function at its peak. In many cases, these minerals and elements are hard to find and consume.

A good example is with Calcium. Calcium is a vital component in blood clotting systems and also helps in wound healing. Calcium helps to control blood pressure, nerve transmission, and release of neurotransmitters is an essential component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism. Calcium helps to transport ions (electrically charged particles) across the membrane. If sufficient Calcium levels are not present, the immune system will seek it out and find it from wherever it can. If need be it will go the bones, teeth, or wherever it has to, it achieves its ultimate electrical and healing goals.

  • M-State Gold
  • M-State Indium
  • Boron trace
  • Selenium trace
  • Phosphorous trace
  • Silicon Trace