Zynergy Maintenance Bundle - Ormus Minerals

Zynergy Maintenance Bundle


Ormus Minerals Included in the bundle:

The most powerful one month supply to build and maintain health and ascension. With our most powerful and popular products, this bundle is for everyone.

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Health is a foundational quality of ascension. When the body is healthy, the mind can finally begin working on the most powerful aspects of consciousness and the health of your spirituality. The Zynergy Maintenance Bundle will rejuvenate the body and feed the consciousness with powerful Monoatomics. A one month supply at an incredible value covers the most common pursuits of ascension and health together.

If your just starting with Monoatomics or looking to continue your progression and build on personal accomplishments with your ascension, the powerful combination of Zynergy+ and Kinetic will assist on the path to physical well-being and higher consciousness. The Zynergy Maintenance Bundle is a great way to maintain the Ormes levels in your body.