Natural Trace Elements Azomite



Natural Trace Elements Azomite – Earth Minerals


Trace is a powerful, highly absorbable, naturally occurring, earth mineral natural trace elements Azomite compound, that will supercharge your immune system and is known to deplete your body of heavy metals.

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Powerful Natural Trace Elements

Trace is a natural Azomite, containing large concentrations of highly absorb-able Earth minerals, with amazing benefits for the body. Azomite is known to combat heavy metals in the body. Absorbs and flushes metal toxins. A lot of trace elements are found in fruits and vegetables but are scarce enough that the body only gains minimal benefits from food sources. With Trace, you have them in an easy-to-use form.

If you're looking to supercharge your immune system, ramp up your energy and reap the rewards of trace elements then Trace is a great solution.

Simply add a scoop (provided) to a gallon of water or juice, and use it for daily drinking.

Trace is also commercially used to add a variety of trace minerals to soils. Farmers mix this in soils to replenish depleted soils. Amazing for vegetable, flower, and fruit gardens.

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