Spectrum Monoatomic Multi Mineral Powder

Spectrum Powder


Monoatomic Multi-Mineral Powder

Blanket yourself in a powerful blend of over 28 minerals that super charge every part of the body and brain. If your not sure which powder to use, this is the one for you, while it umbrellas you in minerals to make sure your getting the right ones.


  • 1 gram – $65
  • 5 gram – $215
  • 10 gram – $321

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Monoatomic Multi-Mineral Powder


A precision blend of 28 M-States and Minerals for the most expansive Mineral Therapy collection from ZP.tech. With M-States for higher brain function and focus combined with immune-boosting and body enhancing Minerals and M-States, Spectrum is the largest ZP.tech blend and also one of the most intentional. We're thrilled to introduce 8 new metals to the ZP.tech M-State collection with "Spectrum" and their benefits.  Along with all 21 ZP.tech M-States and Minerals, these new 8 M-states are included as a full array of minerals and metals.

  • Chromium: A key player in liver enzyme synthesis of fatty acids. This helps regulate metabolism, insulin, and sugar levels. Chromium helps the body lose weight by stimulating enzymes that metabolize glucose for energy.  This is especially helpful for the senior users as aged bodies are not able to store as much Chromium.
  • Cobalt: Studies show Cobalt help retain Myelin sheath covering enhancing brain function and activity. Cobalt also supports the assimilation of Iron and the building of red blood cells.
  • Germanium: An exciting recent Trace element, has displayed functions for supporting oxygen uptake and support the natural cleanings cycle of toxins and pollutants.
  • Magnesium: Assisting digestion and enzyme activation, magnesium also functions as stress reducing mineral for its ability to aid in relaxation.
  • Manganese: This "Brain Mineral" aids memory, memory writing, and recall and enhances oxygen deliveries in the body.
  • Molybdenum: By assisting in regulating the body's PH levels this trace mineral is helpful in assisting metabolism and enhancing the body's ability to burn fat.
  • Vanadium: A "basics" mineral that is foundational assistance to the common needs of the body. Vanadium helps and supports the circulatory system and helps maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels that are already within healthy ranges.
  • Tin: Tin is an adrenal gland support mineral and assists in cardiac function and respiratory function. Tin has displayed more recent exciting functions within the body and our cell receptors for it.



  • A wide variety of mineral support.
  • A full array of 28 absorbable minerals and metals.
  • Daily maintenance and ascension reinforcement.
  • A good place to start your monoatomic journey and a good foundation.

The opening of the Pineal gland allows for a shift in consciousness, new understandings, and a new platform for manifestation. The new coming "Wave X" it's called, will open new doors for those prepared and Spectrum has the building blocks to provide a solid foundation for growth.

This powerful M-state offers a full umbrella of supportive metals and minerals to ensure you're not lacking any of the vital components vital for future growth and change.


  • M-State Boron
  • M-State Calcium
  • M-State Chromium
  • M-State Cobalt
  • M-State Copper
  • M-State Germanium
  • M-State Gold
  • M-State Indium
  • M-State Iodine
  • M-State Iridium
  • M-State Iron
  • M-State Magnesium
  • M-State Manganese
  • M-State Molybdenum
  • M-State Platinum
  • M-State Potassium
  • M-State Phosphorus
  • M-State Rhodium
  • M-State Ruthenium
  • M-State Selenium
  • M-State Sodium
  • M-State Silicon
  • M-State Silver
  • M-State Sulfur
  • M-State Tin
  • M-State Vanadium
  • M-State Zinc