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Solstice Powder®


An amazing formula we’ve been producing, every Solstice for many years now. Gold, Silver, Iron, and Salt, Harvested during the period of the Solstice.

(All Powders come with a free 1oz. companion liquid.)


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The idea behind this seasonal favorite "Solstice" is that we take a foundational group of Gold, Silver, Iron, and Salt, and harvest the crystals from the supersaturated solution on the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year. The crystals all align throughout the growing process in alignment with celestial these events. They then transition into the drying phase during this time. Even without the alignment aspect, these minerals are a powerful, highly absorb-able cellular nutrition.

"We started doing this on a clients requests many years ago, and it has become a favorite with many people, including the staff here at the lab." We make it in small batches and give it away or make available until its gone for the season.

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