Shift Monatomic Powder

Shift® – Powder


Monoatomic Powder Gold, Indium & Titanium

Re-introducing Shift, a trailblazer in the Alchemical community created by our founder, Jason Davis, to assist in change and transition. A personal favorite of us here at the lab.


  • 1 gram – $50
  • 5 gram – $179
  • 10 gram – $330


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Are you making big changes in your life? released a breakthrough Alchemy that made it's name well known throughout the Alchemical community. With recognized M-State staples in the world of M-State technology, Astralight, Zynergy, Zerolight, AquaSilver, and many more, has long striven to continue to push the envelope with our products.

Shift has been a highly requested product ever since its original limited run release. With thousands of requests since its short availability came to a close, we have decided to make it a permanent product of the lineup.

Shift was the culmination of several great minds in Alchemy, years of experience, and a blend of developmental strategies. There have been many great new ideas that are a bi-product of knowledge acquired from developing Shift. With applications from sound stimulation (Frequency) to Pineal Gland activation, (2012 Alchemy) to Metallurgical techniques to enhance REM (Lucid) and much more, Shift was a learning experience for many that were involved in the experiment. Shift was a trailblazer for the industry from common Potable Alchemy to functional wearable Alchemy. Its powerful resonating qualities have been preserved and are now part of the entire process.

It is our pleasure to re-introduce to you, "Shift" in its original form and available now.