Palladium Monatomic Alloy



M-State Palladium


PH Correct H2O

M-State Palladium 600 ppm

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Palladium Monatomic Alloy

Made by high-energy electricity. Elixir in 1 and 2-ounce bottles. Users find greatly enhanced brain function when used with Zynergy and Platinum. Well known for transformative and healthful capacities. Assists in nerve synaptic processes.

Studies have shown Platinum group drugs to be a serious contender in the new wave of antiviral activity. Palladium is being used in the treatment of prostate and breast cancer and many organizations are testing the use of palladium in all types of cures. Palladium has also been known to stabilize emotional concerns and works well with the glands in the excretion and balancing of hormones.

This metal has the uncommon ability to absorb up to 900 times its own volume of hydrogen at room temperatures. It is thought that this possibly forms palladium hydride (PdH2) but it is not yet clear if this is a true chemical compound.

Palladium is a soft silver-white metal that resembles platinum. It is the least dense and has the lowest melting point of the platinum group metals. It is soft and ductile when annealed and greatly increases its strength and hardness when it is cold-worked. Palladium dissolves slowly in sulfuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acid. This metal also does not react with oxygen at normal temperatures (and thus does not tarnish in the air). Palladium heated to 800°C will produce a layer of palladium(II) oxide (PdO). It lightly tarnishes in a moist atmosphere containing sulfur.

When palladium has absorbed large amounts of hydrogen, it will expand slightly in size.

Common oxidation states of palladium are 0,+1, +2 and +4. Although originally +3 was thought of as one of the fundamental oxidation states of palladium, there is no evidence for palladium occurring in the +3 oxidation state; this has been investigated via X-ray diffraction for a number of compounds, indicating a dimer of palladium(II) and palladium(IV) instead. Recently, compounds with an oxidation state of +6 were synthesized.

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