Lucid Monatomic Powder

Lucid® – Powder


Platinum, Gold, Silver, Rhodium & Ruthenium

Want to live in your own little paradise every night? Lucid dreaming is an exciting concept that has allowed people throughout history to take control of their dreams, providing extraordinary entertainment and incredible benefits.

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  • 5 gram – $179
  • 10 gram – $330


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Remember that frustrated feeling you get when your alarm wakes you up from a good dream? How does having a great dream you are in control of each night sound?

Lucid is a powerful new Alchemy. A precise combination of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium is a powerful enhancer of day time awareness, increased consciousness, memory recall, and memory writing. Lucid is even more powerful during the sleep sessions of the day. Stimulating consciousness during REM cycles of sleep to assist in achieving Lucidity.

Recommended companion products are the LUCID Powder, dream journal, and the book "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming"

Usage instructions - 
A "match head" size (.03grams) of powder. Ingest product orally or mix in the favorite beverage.

A project we've been working on diligently for over 2 years has finally come to fruition. It's been loosely called "The Dream" around the lab for quite some time now and we've landed on the name, LUCID.

Lucid dreaming has been a passion and practice of mine for over 2 decades. Long before the movie Inception came around. Conscious or Lucid dreaming has been practiced and documented for thousands of years and we've only hit the tip of the iceberg. Our minds and our imagination are truly amazing, and the places our minds can take us to reach beyond this plain of reality and take us places not possible in our "physical form". As a result of my passion, insight, experiences, and dedication to LUCID, we've discovered that a combination of self-discipline, the Moon, 5 Precision M-State Metals, Lucid dreaming is not only possible more easily but can become a powerful tool in life for enhancing almost anything.

With a proprietary blend of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Ruthenium, and Rhodium; we've produced a product that stimulates the brain waves just as M-States do during the day: fast memory writing, rapid memory recall, increased awareness and Pineal Gland activation. What was a pleasant experience was the increased ability to have Lucid dreams, stay in them longer, and control them more efficiently.

This was very exciting, but as I already had the self-discipline for years to accomplish lucid dreaming, I wanted to make test the results on some friends and family. As expected, my friends and family have returned informing me that they had Lucid dreams, and many for the first time. After a few weeks of helping them with the basics of lucid dreaming and practice, they all now have lucid dreams regularly and have found levels of happiness and enjoyment never experienced before.

Lucid is Revolutionary. Lucid is a game-changer in the Alchemical environment. Many alchemists and users of alchemy are aware and already practice lucid dreaming. For the masses, Lucid dreaming can now be accomplished easier than ever before.

With this product being a powerful daytime M-State AND nighttime one as well, this product is fantastic for all users. Due to its very costly and time-consuming production process, supplies are limited.

We can't wait to hear back from you on this. Please keep us posted.

We are pleased to present to you this product, instructions on how to get started, and much more.