Elevate® Ormus Monatomic Minerals



Elevate Ormus Minerals


Elevate Ormus Elements, provide uplifting mental and physical effects In both mind and body. The combination of these three metals, are a superconductive force in opening the Pineal Gland and achieving a high state of consciousness. The high level of electricity conductivity with these three metal salts, allows for broader and quicker synapse response.

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Copper



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Elevate Monatomic Ormus, provides the systems of our body and mind, with higher frequencies, shown to dramatically increase enlightenment and consciousness.

Alchemical metals and salts have been used throughout history, to gain access to ones higher self, and the expansion of consciousness for a good reason, they work!


Together, these three metals create, whats known as a superconductor. They allow the flow of electricity and energies to increase dramatically.

When you break down the metal bonds of gold, so that it's lattice structure is no longer metallic, you have in effect, transmuted that metal into a non metallic substance. Transmuting any given element from metal to a M-State powder, you've altered it's form. These Monatomic elements, provide clear conduits to higher learning by altering the brainwave frequencies. The pineal gland is a gateway to all this, and by de-calcifying it, opens up new understandings and lifts veils of consciousness. These three metals together, create superconductive electromagnetic fields, and when ingested, create new access points through the pineal gland to higher learning and understanding.

We've combined Gold, Platinum, and Copper, to produce a highly super conductive state. By altering the frequencies in the brain, we are able to increase the size of the conduit, allowing new energies to flow and flourish.

New doors open physically, spiritually, and emotionally, when we are flowing at a higher state. New relationships and opportunities show themselves quite often, and through this new transparency, we are able to see them and have the ability to act on them quickly and efficiently.

Elevate gives us the tools to learn and grow, at a highly efficient rate. Your consciousness will definitely be elevated!