Monatomic Gold & Iridium

A limited alchemy created especially for the Great Eclipse on August 21st.

Eclipse is a union between alchemical Gold (Au) and Iridium (Ir).

  • 1 gram – $55
  • 5 gram – $178
  • 10 gram – $230


There is no more awe-inspiring event in nature than the majesty of a total solar eclipse. In those brief enchanting minutes, the natural becomes the supernatural. Day shifts to night, the temperature dramatically drops and stars magically glow in a rapidly darkened sky. The ancients marvelled at this miracle of the Sun being swallowed in the heavens. Its mystery and appeal are timeless.Solfeggio Tones and Chakras.

2017 Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017

2017 Solar Eclipse August 21st

In honor of the events unfolding we felt it natural to create an alchemy that blends knowledge from the past with the anticipation of the now and the future! We use Gold for the solid connection and abundant grounding which it always gives. Golds conductivity and malleability make it a perfect foundation for the great earth alchemies. Iridium is from other worlds and is not native to our planet. It’s transient properties and flowing nature, make it an Element that is a perfect match for Gold.  It’s no wonder there is so much found on the surface of Earth. Using them together our purpose was the thought that our solid knowledge and be best utilized to flow through the clearing and change that an Amazing event like the Eclipse can bring. Mix a small amount in your smoothie ar cook with it like I do and give yourself something to rally around during this time of change. High quality mineral motivation can lead to some amazing manifestations!

Erik J.

Lunar Eclipse: August 2017

The time of eclipses can be used to symbolically clear and cleanse stagnant areas of your own life. New initiatives are in season, especially if you are born around February 26 or August 21. Home and relationship changes are favoured if your birthday falls on or near the February 11 or August 7 lunar eclipse. May you utilise the eclipse to powerfully refocus and turn shadows into light.

Five Positive Meanings of an Eclipse

An Aligning of Energies: Eclipses occur when the Sun or Moon seem to disappear momentarily either totally or partially during new moon and full moon respectively at certain times of the year. This actually happens when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line with either moon or earth in the middle. Instead of seeing it as a negative sign, we can see it as a symbolic alignment of Solar and Lunar forces of divinity for Earth Healing and balancing.

A Magical Time: As the Sun represents outer-life and Moon signifies the inner psyche, eclipses being an alignment of these two around us, can indicate a rare celestial event that can be magical in potential as the inner and outer world are connected and harmonized celestially. See it as a divine play of light with you as a witness of the beauty of the universe.

Light Returning: Instead of seeing the Eclipse as a shadow, try to see it as light returning after a very temporary shadow. This way you can focus upon any issues that were hidden so far from your awareness and bring new solutions in focus. It can be a moment of unveiling and re-awakening to the truth.

Lifting the Shadows: With ‘Shadow-work’ you can introspect upon and release your own inner shadows. This can be a great psychological and spiritual exercise of discovering your hidden or subconscious blockages and transforming them. Time to face your fears, clear your mental blocks and let-go of any guilt, worry or anger that came in the way of your inner peace and happiness.

Transforming your Problems: As darkness turns to light you can light a candle, visualize or affirm that your problems have been transformed through new awareness and something better is now on its way as your path is unblocked. Significant transformations from negative to positive are likely as a result.



In short, it is your choice to use any event outside you as a positive or a negative sign. The way you feel about it is the way it will manifest its meaning in your life. Never lose an opportunity to get back in touch with your true self. Feel free to meditate, shield yourself with a light of protection, perform transformation spells and create inner peace during eclipses. Travel or consume food should need be without being negatively superstitious. Your beliefs create your reality, so why not discard the negative and choose the positive now?