Conduit Bundle

Conduit Bundle


Gold – Platinum – Copper – Iron – Zinc – Manganese

Monoatomic Brain Alloy / 600ppm

1 gram Powder
2oz. Liquid

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We've blended six of the best-known metals that aid in Neuro-processes together to create an exciting new combination of mineral nutrition not otherwise available in a regular diet.

Nutritional factors that can influence mental health include the intake of basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, alcohol, vitamins, minerals, and overall energy consumption. Usually, the lack of several nutrients rather than a single nutrient is the cause of deterioration in brain functioning.

With cutting-edge science and discovery, we've identified a powerful and effective blend of M-States to empower the brain and all of its functions to enhance living, emotions, ambitions, and the entire life experience. These metals and minerals are specifically blended to get the most out of our brains. Together with the proper food nutrition, water, exercise, sleep, and personal interaction, we give ourselves the best conditions to thrive, not just live.

Leveraging the latest developments in Brain discovery,'s newest product "Conduit" takes direct aim at what people are pursuing most… a sharper mind with quicker cognitive functions. A sharper mind increases production enhances the body's function and elevates overall consciousness.


M-States and ORMES alloys

The benefit of Monoatomic minerals is that they are absent Metallic properties, which eliminates the heavy metal toxicity. Blended together in a balanced formula, alloys can be created to focus on different nutritional needs. You can never overdose or take too much of these, as your body simply treats it as a mineral and will always expel any excess through urine. They can never build up the same way other metals do, and they blend nicely like other metals won't.

  • The right combination of minerals is important for proper functionality.
  • Vitamins and minerals need each other to function efficiently.

For instance, Copper works with Calcium to develop and repair cognitive tissue. However, Copper can go too far. Zinc needs to be present to tame Copper. This is one example of how and why a blend of minerals and metals work together for the greater cognitive good.

Conduit introduces a brand new M-State Metal to our existing lineup, Manganese, which compliments a combination of six minerals that work well in the brain.

Vitamins also are important nutrients needed for brain function. Vitamin B Complex (all 8 of the B vitamins) plays a big role in the brain. The brain uses these vitamins to produce fuel from glucose. Without the fuel, and a daily supply of it, the brain is in bad shape hindering our performance. Many of the B's and Folate are found in grains, legumes, fruits, and veggies. B12 and Omegas naturally occur in animal products like fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy. Vitamin C and E help the brain create the neurotransmitter, norepinephrine, which will influence our emotions, learning, sleeping, and of course, dreaming. All fruits and vegetables are good for these, but keep a focus on bell peppers, asparagus, citrus fruits, leafy green,s and strawberries for a powerful source of Vitamin E. Nuts, vegetable oils, and whole grains also help guard against neurodegenerative diseases.

Iron, copper and zinc are critical minerals. Deficiencies in these levels may impair learning, memory recall, and concentration robbing you of critical brain functions. Calcium helps build "signal pathways" that establish stronger connections in the brain and help the dynamic protein development process.

Monatomic Brain Nutrition

Brain health is drawing ever-increasing attention. The brain is roughly 2% of the body's mass and weight consumes over 20% of the oxygen the body brings in. The human brain uses about 20 to 30% of a person's energy intake. Relative to its size and weight, it is very demanding. That's why people who don't consume enough calories in their diet are more likely to experience changes in their brain functioning. This gives us a big clue to brain energy consumption and along with Oxygen, vitamins and minerals are vital.

It's safe to say, the brain thrives on a healthy, complete diet. Focusing on what you eat can affect how you think and how well your brain functions. While everyone is unique to the different amounts needed, the list of building blocks is nearly the same. Pay close attention to what you're ingesting, it makes a big difference in your brain.'s new blend "Conduit" gives the brain a combination of some of the best minerals it needs to experience consciousness to its fullest. Gold, Platinum, Copper, Zinc, Iron, and Manganese all play a vital role. They all enhance brain function, and all work in combination for the best results.

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