M-State Silver


PH Correct H2O M-State Silver 600 ppm suspended in water.

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AquaSilver is monatomic (or hydrogen-reacted) silver in water at 600 ppm of silver. It’s highly bioabsorbable, which means that the body absorbs it with ease. It’s only transition element in the monatomic state is silver, which brings about health, harmony and balance, and more energy. It’s sweet, clear, clean, soft, and has amazing restorative capabilities. It’s a living water in the purest sense of the term.

Using AquaSilver is simple. 1 tablespoon a day (.5 oz) is all you need. You can dilute this in water or another beverage. A common use is to dilute 1oz in 1 gallon of water consuming the entire gallon in a 48 hour period.