Aquagold Monoatomic Alloy



M-State Gold


PH Correct H2O M-State Gold 600 ppm suspended in water.

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Monatomic Gold by high-energy electricity.

A good place to begin. Many users like Aquagold and Zynergy for the awesome sense of calm, centeredness and connection. There is an etherically generated field associated with this one and gold in crystal particulate form.

Great foundational monoatomic liquid. Many users drink Aquagold and Aquasilver together creating a one two punch as a solid defense against viral and infectious issues.

Using AquaGold is simple. 1 tablespoon a day (.5 oz) is all you need. You can dilute this in water or another beverage. A common use is to dilute 1oz in 1 gallon of water consuming the entire gallon in a 48 hour period.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

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