Frequency 396 Hz M-State Powder

Frequency 396 Hz


M-State Gold, Silver & Copper Infused with Solfeggio Frequency 396
  • 1 gram – $49
  • 5 gram – $169
  • 10 gram – $299
  • 100 gram – $1495
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Frequency Ormes Minerals 396 Hz

Frequency Ormes Minerals 396 Hz M-state Powder. Monatomic Minerals Produced In The Presence Of Radio Frequency 396 H.

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt & Fear

Red Chakra 1st Chakra

Location: base of the spine and the pubic bone

Parts of the Body: gonads, also the glomus coccygeal or coccygeal body, adrenal gland, the kidneys, and the spinal column

Solfeggio Tones and Chakras

The latest development from the lab is Frequency, a series of products designed around energy with high-conductive metals to work in union with the body's natural energy system. Frequency stimulates the entire system by bringing together some of the most powerful practices and methods together.

Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered what is referred to as Sacred Solfeggio tones and their place in the spiritual environment playing a role in healing, enlightenment, and blessing.

Audio Psychology, Therapy, Healing are all common worldwide practices that go back thousands of years. There are 18 Solfeggio tones, and 6 of those tones represent and display qualities that have been used and practiced long before science was applied to them. The Solfeggio tones are multi-cultural and used within multiple mediums in many different methods, all with profound effects.

The 6 tones are:

M-State is world-renowned for M-State technology. Frequency is the latest result of the High-Technology Application. All Frequency powders are founded on three metals as a result of their high-conductivity and qualities Gold, Copper, and Silver. Of the three metals, they each display individual characteristics and levels of conductivity.