Monoatomic Liquids

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The Benefits of Liquids

Liquid mineral supplements mirror the form of the very element of life on Earth: water. Liquid is easy to consume but also is easy for the body to absorb. Because we don’t use elixirs full of complex components, the M-states in our liquid supplements infuse the body more readily and supply that critical energy.

The Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, sometimes referred to as ORME or ORMUS interchangeably, refer to the exotic matter that consists of monatomic noble metals, or metals that have no metallic structure at all. 


Instead, the microclusters that make up white powder gold have only a single gold atom, rather than the critical number of gold atoms necessary to create the metallic lattice structure that makes up the gold you see in bars, jewelry, and so on. Other elements can have different numbers of critical atoms, but the result is the same: instead of a metallic lattice structure, monatomic elements resemble ceramic materials more than anything else.


The transitional properties of these elements are at the forefront of cutting-edge science and are poorly understood by many today—but they were recognized in past eras for their healing abilities. Ancient Egyptians knew the power of monatomic gold to resist aging and illness, for example.

Nectar for the Whole Body

Our liquid mineral supplement blends are easy to add to drinks and ingest readily, transferring the incredible powers of the M-state elements within your body. Normal energy drinks rely on sugar and caffeine in high doses to trick your body into believing it has more energy, but then leave you feeling depleted and low on energy.


Instead, these energy-rich elements supply essential nutrients and power to every cell in your body, enhancing the natural transfer of energy between vital components. Boosting your body’s natural biophotons allows your body to generate and use energy more efficiently.


Blend these liquids together to create a progression path and see your health improve to levels that you could only imagine previously. Or you can use them as maintenance, confident in the knowledge that you don’t need to keep increasing your dose, unlike unreliable or falsely-claimed “health supplements” that simply provide an excess amount of base minerals.

Our users have reported a consistent increase in sleep quality, cognitive function, energy levels, and immune function after using these liquid mineral supplements. goes right to the source, mined in Utah from the earth itself and given no additives. The remarkable properties of the monatomic elements are yours to enjoy, confident in knowing that we only bring you Earth’s bounty, unspoiled and pure so that your body can remain the same.


As part of a progression path or maintenance regimen, these liquid M-state infusions will provide powerful healing and enhancing nutrients to your body, your awareness, and your spiritual self.