Monatomic Ormus Bundles

Save 30% off of buying them individually.

Bundle Features

The bundles on this page offer multiple products for a discounted price because we fully believe in a holistic approach to renewing your mind, body, and spirit. Each of these products on their own can have a profound effect on your health, but when taken together, they form the basis of renewal like the kind that governs all natural processes. Beginning with a basic conductor element like monatomic gold powder, we believe that these products can achieve your ideal health and boost your spiritual energy levels.


The Path of Progression

The cumulative effect of M-state elements in their various forms is to progress on your healing path. These bundles are tailor-made with the right blend of elements to guide you onto that path so that you can restore your body like never before. Nature’s bounty, mined pure in Utah, forms the base material for these blends, and their sum total function is to provide a clean and wholesome energy boost to your entire body.

Progress on the path builds up a sustainable level of elements like monatomic gold powder, then builds on that foundation with an infusion of other potent M-states.


To Reach and Maintain

The other aspects of these bundles are the ability to maintain your newfound health and light. Unlike impure health supplements, you won’t need to increase your dose just to maintain your progress on your healing path. The virtue of monatomic elements is in their complete purity, allowing them to sustain and renew your body without increasing doses.

Try these bundles and see how the holistic approach can transform your life. You’ll feel better than you ever have before as your cells are empowered by the purest elements on Earth, and help you return to an awakened state that humans have struggled to reach since the advent of modern chemicals and their negative impacts on our bodies.

Users of these bundles have regularly achieved levels of consciousness and spirituality displayed only by the most dedicated meditative experts, monks, and spiritual guides. They keep their bodies clean and pure, enjoying age-resistant health and wellness, and with these bundles, you can join them on that path.