The internet is a buzz with chatter about 5G technology. A cursory search on the internet reveals all sorts of results, faster speeds, new capabilities and even health concerns coming with the new technology. It seems to be part of the human experience, that as we march forward with technology, most of the time we’re upgrading the human experience but along the way…we’ve made some pretty laughable mistakes that were tragic for some. Yes, mother nature has her fury, but humanity is not without its faux pas.

It’s difficult to deny that our modern portable tech hasn’t come without a cost to human flourishing. Along with our “connectness and access to information”…we’re addicted to screens, batteries explode, near field radiation is harmful and the content we view on them is mind altering. As to be expected, there’s conflicting information about who’s responsible for what, how bad is a particular problem and of course, who’s responsible? Law makers, conspiracy theorists, doctors, consumers and your neighbor probably have an opinion about this.

We’re keeping an eye on this new 5G technology. We have our concerns that this might be one of those technology updates that comes with some consequences. It’s worth doing your own research and seeing what’s out there. From conspiracy theories to scientists…5G tech is something we’ll be chatting about for a while. This is a great article to start with.


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