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Partners has many great relationships through out the world and ships to over 30 countries each month. We have a multitude of resellers in the US as well as a far reaching international team available for you. is committed to producing the best M-State products available for you where ever you are and we’re bringing on more resellers regularly.


Seeking experienced affiliate marketers to join us in our efforts.  Our affiliate program offers competative commissions, link builder, Business dashboard and custom banners/graffics.  Create your free account and start earning in this growing and booming niche industry.


Are you looking to add a high margin fast selling product to your line up? If so the reseller program has got you covered. Rich margins, lots of marketing materials, a great look and fun to sell are common side effects of offering products. With an existing international foot print, resellers have the entire planet to work with.



Are you a national chain, distributor or leading web-retailer? Adding products to the mix increases product line selection, offers rich margins and a rapidly growing product to enhance exposure. With a solid foundation, fulfillment is simplified with 500 parcel a day capacity.


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Resellers Internationally

Save time, customs, and money on shipping. We have a resellers worldwide that buy wholesale from us.

That saves our customers time and big international shipping charges.

If you would like to be on the Partners list ,please fill out the form above and a rep will get in contact with you.

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Void Space Technologies

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Holy Herbal




Ritika Arya

1D, Tower B, Viceroy Park, Thakur Village, Kandivali East
Mumbai – 400101
Maharashtra, India