Part of the family

Humans create robust emotional bonds with things easily. We see this all the time. Strong emotional attachment to sentimental but lifeless items. A book, a journal, a stuffed animal, a chair. We’re amazing creatures that crave empathy, seek purpose, desirestrive for meaning and…..we don’t like to do it alone. Pet ownership seems to play a significant role in millions of peoples lives, every day. These companions bring joy, enrich living and offer relief in a variety of ways for pet owners. Dogs lead the way in a cultural norm for pet ownership in the West. Cats, birds and more animal diversity follow. Here at we love animals. We ourselves are pet ownersand enjoy the fun, friendship, and family ties furry friends bring to millions of people. We want your pets to be healthy, live a long fulfilling life and continue to bring joy to you and others for years to come. We’re very excited about Pet Minerals and M-States being part of the presentation for our pet companions well being and health. You’ll be hearing more about this from us so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out There you can find wonderful supplements for your pets and their health. We’re excited for what’s next!!!