For a long time, we’ve wanted to share the story. It’s a beautiful tale of discovery, friendships, passion, awe, perplexion, clarity and more. With more than two decades in the M-State realm, we’ve learned so much, seen so much, met so many people, been connected with the world and amazed at who’s come across this category of self-development that we’re in.

Thinking our this human experience in life as a tapestry, there are countless threads, woven together, interweaving, sharing pathways, diverging here and splitting off there. Most have heard the tapestry analogy before but as life moves on and your tapestry takes shape, takes form, and you begin to see the patterns, see the shapes, get better at predicting what’s next and wisdom becomes useful.

After decades, we look back and see with much more clarity the patterns, the shapes, the designs and the different threads in the journey that help things take shape and symmetry in the kaleidoscope of a tapestry. We’ve served the mystics, the spiritualist, the religious, the curious, the scientists, the nutritionists, the pharmacists, the governments, the rationalists, the skeptics and more. From participating in water restoration/purification in foreign countries after earthquakes, sharing M-States with the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, ushering a youth motocross team into competition, time in the desserts with scientists and supplying resellers all over the world, we’re in awe of the design taking shape and a spirit of gratitude in motion.

We’re excited to start unpacking more of the story, we’re thankful for you, the thread that you bring to this work of art and the contribution you make to this journey wherever you are.

From the team here at, thank you. We’re excited you’re on this journey with us, part of the pattern and woven into this masterpiece. More to come!