We’re thrilled to bring our latest product offering to you. We’ve worked hard this year to discover the best raw salts available on the market and we’ve come to our conclusions. After extensive cooking, we’ve landed and what we think are amazing products to weave into the ZP.tech product offering.

As most of us know, Salts are an essential part of our diet and medical wellbeing. If we must have salt, let us only have the good stuff! Regular Table Salt has had its time and we can’t wait for you to experience a whole new world of flavors in cooking.

We’re bringing 9 new gourmet cooking salts to the product line available now. All of our new salts come infused with our most popular M-State powder, Astralight. What a great way to enjoy new flavors in cooking and harness the power of M-State technology.

We hope you enjoy and really think you’ll like this.

All salts are available in 4oz grinders or an 8oz jar. To see the new salts click here!

Black Hawaiian Salt:
Hawaiian Salt is harvested from the sea surrounding the island of Molokai. As a small and isolated island, the ocean waters of Molokai remain pristine and unpolluted. These salts are harvested using the highest of standards through a slow and careful process of solar evaporation, allowing the salt crystals to form with the much desired trace minerals intact. This salt obtains its natural and dramatic coloring from the activated charcoal added to the salt which is a known antitoxin and digestive aid.

Assal Pearl Salt
Extreme heat and other conditions of Lake Assal, Africa create Assal Pearl Salts which form their smooth, round shape naturally as they tumble on the water’s edge. The tiny pearls are stunning, with their shape different from any other salt in the world! This 100% natural salt is 98.5%-99.5% pure Sodium Chloride with a variety of beneficial trace minerals. A great gourmet salt choice for special occasions or everyday salt needs.

Celtic Grey Sea Salt
Add incredible flavor to your entrées by seasoning with Celtic Grey Sea Salt. This salt is favored by the top chefs in France and all around the world. Celtic Sea Salt is formed as the sea water flows into the Guerande Marshes, in France, during high tides. It is hand-harvested by salt workers, using skills and methods over a thousand years old. The salt obtains its natural grey coloring from the salt crystallizing on clay. Our Celtic Sea Salt is 100% natural and carries the Nature & Progrès’ certification label from France.

Utah Mineral Salt
Utah Mineral Salt is an unrefined and natural salt, free from any additives or any kind of chemicals. Utah Mineral Salt is Kosher Certified. Its unique pink appearance and specks of color originate from over 60 natural trace minerals. In addition to being a gourmet food salt, this salt is also perfect for creating a mineral bath experience. It is very unique and makes a great addition to any bath salt blend.

Utah Mineral Salt is not from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It is actually from a prehistoric salt deposit close to the small town of Redmond in Utah, which is over 150 miles away from the Great Salt Lake. At the time of the earth’s Jurassic period, a large sea covered the majority of what is now considered North America. Over time the water in this sea evaporated, and left behind a vast deposit of salt in central Utah. A series of volcanoes erupted around the ancient seabed, and sealed the salt and its trace minerals from pollutants of the modern day.

Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel, French for “Flower of Salt”, is hand collected from the Guerande Salt Marshes using centuries old techniques. This exquisite salt is truly a rare gift from nature. Guerande “paludiers” harvest this salt by skimming the very surface of the salt ponds, obtaining only the salt crystals formed on the top layer and is certified from the Nature & Progrès institute in France, a strict certification process ensuring purity and excellence.
Fleur de Sel salt is esteemed by chefs as the most amazing sea salt for culinary use with its delicate flavor, light and moist texture and high mineral content.

Cyprus Flake
Natural crystal flake sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the island of Cyprus. This stunning and delicate gourmet flake salt provides a delightful crunch with the mild flavor of Mediterranean Salts making it ideal for use in cooking, baking and as a garnishing salt for fish and vegetable dishes.

Using a method that can take up to two years from start to finish in order to obtain its perfection, the unique pyramid shape of the Cyprus Flake Salt is created through the process of solar evaporation of sea water where the water is channeled into a chain of shallow ponds or lagoons called “salins” and then into large pans where the water is gradually heated, forming the dazzling pyramid shapes of the salt. The process continues until the salt reaches 3% humidity.

Natural sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea in Europe. This fine gourmet salt is selected for its purity and beautiful crystal white appearance. The mild flavor of the Mediterranean Salt makes it a wonderful choice of salt that can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Mediterranean solar sea salts come directly from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and are created using ancient methods of solar evaporation. This region is free of pollution and has high evaporation rates, making it a very pure salt. Our Mediterranean Sea Salt is low in moisture, clean and white and does not contain any additives. Magnesium is just one of the trace minerals found naturally in this salt and naturally prevents caking.

Pura Vida Mayan
Pura Vida Sea Salt, also known as “Mayan Sea Salt” and “White Gold”, is hand harvested in Guatemala. The harvesting of this salt dates back to as early as 1000 B.C. It is estimated that 3 to 6 tons of sea salt was carried inland to the ancient Mayan people every day by canoe or on foot in order to maintain supply of this essential resource.
We purchase our Pura Vida Sea Salt directly from the exclusive importers of this fine salt, which supports economical growth for the people of Guatemala. Our Mayan Sea Salt is a 100% natural gourmet food salt that will to add delicious flavor to any dish. Enjoy!

Himalayan Pink Sherpa
Himalayan salt is quite different from salt found anywhere else. For one thing, it’s uniquely beautiful: it has a pinkish or light reddish tint, and under a microscope, the crystals within the salt form gorgeously perfect geometric patterns. Himalayan salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals. Since many of these elements found within each grain of salt naturally occur within us and in the environment, they are easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well being.