We’re moving out of calling it a “New Year”. It doesn’t take long for us to get used to signing dates with 13 and have become comfortable with calling 2012, last year.

As we continue through winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is common around this time for many to have had “enough” of winter and are ready for the seasonal change. Some are coping with a lack of Vitamin D and anxious to see more of the sun. With this often tedious time of the winter season, many have lost motivation to pursue the changes desired just weeks ago. We hope you’re able to stick to your path and move forward towards your goals. Don’t give up! We’ve been able to see some fruits from our New Years goals. ZP.tech has expanded the line of filling equipment. As we continue to grow, we find more needs to provide fulfillment faster, increase production, step up the tempo all while focusing on our #1 priority: Quality.

Quality not only includes striving for a perfect product, but faster shipping, faster R&D, better customer service and higher quality dreams. We’re excited to share with you one of the many new upgrades to the lab we’ve acquired this year. ZP.tech is now the proud owner and user of a complete Bottle filling production system. With a precision filling system, not only can we produce thousands of bottle a day instead of hundred a week, we can free up resources to expand our customer service, reallocate man-power to shipping and much more, all in the pursuit of continually improving our entire customer experience.

Also, ZP.tech now has the opportunity to offer fulfillment to many of our partners out there needing to scale up production but lacking the tens of thousands in capital needed to acquire filling systems. We’re very excited to see how this helps our customers over the next three years and we thank you for being with us.