Have you been noticing the latest meme across the world right now? How to do more with less? What is talent? Does it even matter? You need 10,000 hours to master something but only 20 to become functional etc etc. This is nothing new, for millennia people have been trying to master their craft and with today’s modern technology, you’ve got the world at your fingertips. A push of a button here and a click there and you can be expanding on the data points of quantum physics, advanced psychology, world history and more. What do we do with all of this quick information? We usually function as a pass through and rarely retain even a shred of the info if we don’t apply it beyond that quick conversation. What hasn’t changed is how our minds and bodies need study, repetition and consistency with skills and crafts that we pursue. Sports, music, programming, business, relationships and more still to this day take time and dedication. Now that “Google” is no longer a name of a company but an actual verb we’re all a lot smarter about a lot of things….but….for our life skills, we must remain focused. With everyone looking for a short cut, an edge over the competition or a faster method for learning something the most important and critical component is usually overlooked. “Practice”. With as amazing as the wealth of information that’s out there on essentially anything you can want to do or learn, the act of working for it seems to be scoffed at. Our design and mental make up has changed little even with these new developments. DO you want to edge? The Upper hand? The fast track to mastering your craft? Don’t forget to work for it, you’ll gain the fast track. Best of luck!