The Little Things

It’s the little things that make a big difference. When you look around, you see so many people that have made significant changes to their life, and most of those changes happen slowly over a long period of time. Often times we get lost in the hope in the idea that...

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Crystals and Powders

Last month we began a journey through the story. A big part of that story is the unique process in which we create our M-States and how our powders, one of our most popular lines is the conclusion of our crystal growing process. We're one of the only (if not...

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One thread….

For a long time, we've wanted to share the story. It's a beautiful tale of discovery, friendships, passion, awe, perplexion, clarity and more. With more than two decades in the M-State realm, we've learned so much, seen so much, met so many people, been...

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Understanding the Mind

"I think the problem with that is: we don’t know enough about the brain to know how much we know about the brain." ~ Steve Roberts There's a lot of brain stuff out there. "We only use 3% of our brain"....or what is 7%? Depends on who you ask, or, you use 100% of your...

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Metals Matter

We live in a time where we're constantly bombarded by information. New this, new that. There' a new diet popping up day and new studies that prove, then disprove what the eating plan is supposed to accomplish. Have you seen the hilarious "College Humor" Time Travel...

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Something Old Something New

We live in a cultural and technological environment that arguably is transforming faster than any time in history. Every day, new discoveries are made…and published….then searchable across the globe. Communication is faster, societal dispersion of information happens...

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The Power Of Sound

There are so many things we’re just scratching the surface on. Sound, and how it impacts us physically and mentally is an area that we see huge impacts on us, but still in many cases have no idea why. Scientists measure the brain, we learn what chemicals release to...

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Salt and Iron

Salt and Iron are essentials for life. We don't think about these two often. If anything we hear about avoiding sodium and why eat iron? Well, as simple and common as they are, it doesn't mean we shouldn't put some energy into understanding them and why balance is...

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Real Change In 2018

As we kick off the new year and chase down our goals, ambitions, resolutions....or even avoid the whole game altogether, there's something that stirs at the beginning of each year. A stirring that's good for some...maybe not so good for some. Either way, there's a lot...

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Relationships Matter

Let’s be honest. The holidays are hard for almost every relationally for some reason. The sense of being alone, the feeling of having to see people you don’t really want to or be reminded of previous life experiences. The holidays seem to have an edge to them for many...

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Thankfulness and the Mind

It's the season of thankfulness! And we are! We're thankful to you, for your support and encouragement to keep us driving forward in the exploration of M-States. What we also are thankful for is the brain. It's a profound thing, and one that science reveals is...

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Benefits of Monoatomic Bath Salt

People have used bath salts for centuries. Aside from helping you smell fresh and feel good after a soak, bath salts offer many therapeutic benefits. They can improve your skin, mood, and your overall health. Most bath salts contain key minerals that your body needs...

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