Different Wiring

For thousands of years, history teaches us that humans, as a species, have been interested in their own thinking. In…our thinking. We’re set apart from the rest of the beasts of the Earth. We “think” about thinking. Why are we here? To what end am I really doing this...

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Staying Active

We’ve all heard it. Exercise. Stand up more. Close those circles. Get the steps in. Staying active and getting fit seems to be an obvious goal. Hard at times yes, life gets in the way. Work stress. Family issues. Life milestones. Kids. No Kids. It seems to be par for...

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Paying Attention (5G Technology)

The internet is a buzz with chatter about 5G technology. A cursory search on the internet reveals all sorts of results, faster speeds, new capabilities and even health concerns coming with the new technology. It seems to be part of the human experience, that as we...

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Mental Fitness

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Healthy bodies are only complete with healthy minds. Yes, we eat right, exercise and more and of course, this helps the brain. We experience better blood circulation…more endorphins…but physical activity to help...

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A Secret Benefit of M-State Powders

We’ve been in the M-State business for decades and two dominant deliver systems continue to rule the way. Liquids and Powders and mainly, powders. We’ve looked at so many others like, gels, pill capsules, compressed tablets and more.  Powders, (a personal favorite)...

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Mindfulness. There are apps, classes, youtube videos, books, gurus, podcasts…the list goes on. A radical self-awareness is not a new idea, it’s an old one. You see, being aware of what’s around us is important, helpful and challenging at the same time. It can be...

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S.M.A.R.T. 2019

Well. Here we are. 80% of new years resolutions have failed by this point of the year. Staggering isn’t it? You were doing so good! Now…disappointed, shameful, regretful, apathetic, justifying. Likely 8 out of every 10 of us are in experiencing this. We torture...

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Another Solstice, A New Year

  A former google exec says 40% of all jobs will be gone to AI in 15 years. Things change fast. 15 years ago Facebook didn’t exist…neither did iPhone, YouTube, VHS was battling it out with DVDs and believe it or not, “they” were only on “Harry Potter...

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Dreaming of 2019

The winter solstice is upon us. As we, (in the western world at least) busy ourselves with holiday practices, religious traditions, and in many cases endure hard emotional journeys…the end of the year is symbolic for most of us. Many have repeatedly moved in and out...

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The Holiday Game

Here we are again. The holiday season is upon us. For many of us it means a continual presentation of wonderful food, social engagements, and a full calendar. A clean eating plan, exercise routine, and mindfulness disciplines can easily make their way to the side...

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Part of the Family

Humans create robust emotional bonds with things easily. We see this all the time. Strong emotional attachment to sentimental but lifeless items. A book, a journal, a stuffed animal, a chair. We’re amazing creatures that crave empathy, seek purpose, desire, strive for...

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Minerals Matter

Minerals are important. They come up often enough in the mainstream nutrition discussions, but they always seem to be put on the back burner. Seriously, what’s your little consumption strategy? Most don’t have one and it’s understandable. We're continually presented...

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