Many Uses of Alchemy

In the world of Alchemy, users stumble across many creative ways to use Alchemy in common day to day activities. Cooking, bathing, lotions and more are all popular and powerful applications for products. In this blog we’d like to review and provide some tips for methods of using products beyond ingesting them directly to the usage instructions on each bottle.

A relaxing, meditative and rejuvenating bath is a common ritual for almost all around the world. The stress relieving qualities of a bath are amazing all by themselves and many use additional tools to enhance this refreshing experience. Bath Salts, mentholated bricks, oils and more. One very powerful addition to this time spent is the use of alchemy. Any liquid or powder can be used in this setting and no more that a single does as detailed for each product is needed to bring this experience to a new level. During bath time, simply add to the water a dose of your favorite alchemy to the water and enjoy. More can be used as desired. Reenergize, refresh and rejuvenate with products while bathing.

Topical solutions are one of the worlds largest health and beauty categories. products, liquids and powders alike can be added to any of your favorite body lotions and applications. Mix according to the amount per one serving of any liquid or powder to body lotion or body oil for specific areas of/or the whole body. The anti-aging qualities of M-States are amazing and many see results in as little as 2 days. This method of M-State application is very popular and works very well. Staying within the dosage information for the product is all that is needed for the M-States to work and begin delivering results.

Aquasliver is known for it’s anti-microbial qualities. For wound application we recommend Aquasilver.

This is one of the most fun areas of M-State applications. As it is already common for many to “sprinkle” products on any food, actually cooking with them is fun and effective too. The most common way is to supplement the salt additions to a recipe with M-States. For those meals that call for large amounts of Salt, supplementing a portion of the salt, or adding M-States for the servings the meals yields is common. For example, if a batch of brownies makes 6 servings, you can add six servings of liquids or powders to the recipes and take your M-States in brownie form over the next 6 days.

Baked goods are especially good for M-States. Some ideas for recipes would be Manna Bread or Egyptian Flat bread.

There are so many uses of M-States and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you go further into your M-State application, we would love to hear feedback, new ideas and your experiences. At any point, feel free to contact us at