Ascension is a very malleable word. It’s used in Astronomy, it’s commonly used in reference to Jesus and his passage to heaven. It was common in Greek and Roman tradition for the ascension to the “boat man” where coins were needed from the eyes of the dead to pass the channel to the Gods.

Ascension and Alchemy are both words that uses in it’s descriptors of what effects our products have (Ascensions) through (Alchemy). This is different for everyone, but in the end is explained as “as experience”. For some, it may be an energy boost or a lucid dream. For others, it may be a completely psychedelic experience where it enhances “something”.

There are so many interpretations out there, and clever explanations to who we are, what life is and what it means. Ranging from classical religions, the Bible, Pharos, to Scientology, Atheism and Science. With movies as creative as the Matrix to the world of academia that “proves” everything wrong, including its own systems.

Ascension applies to all groups. Deep meditation in Monks, Yoga for fast paced soul, Lucid Dreaming with Stephen Laberge to Ancient Incubation techniques discussed by Peter Kingsley and his book Reality. Ascension is an experience we all share and is different for everyone and comes in all flavors.

We get asked regularly, what is the secret of Ascension? Many of the worlds top Alchemist try to explain this, however, they are so advanced in metaphysical thought it becomes difficult to understand the “simple” explanation. Alchemy and Ascension masters such as Erik Johnston, Jason Davis, David Wolfe, Jim Self and many more communicate these experiences, and to the “new” it appears as sheer fiction and unbelievable. Discussions about Pegasus, Astral-Projecting to the next dimension and so on is a lot to take on, absorb and contemplate, nevertheless believe.

Everyone has experiences. Those that have the experience understand them and know they have had one. To our friends it’s sometimes difficult to explain a dream, a vision, or what you were thinking about when you “check out” and day dream. It’s very simple to dismiss these as chemical discharges and the process of the brain simply cataloging information. With this simple and easy to understand “Medical” explanation, our true potential is suppressed and we continue with the daily grind.

White Powder Gold, M-States, ORMES, ORMUS and all the other names used for Alchemy serve a purpose not able to be interpreted by any lab. These names represent the enablers to ascend. This is a human experience, measurable only by your own internal ruler. Discuss, communicate, share and ask fellow ascenders to listen to you experiences. This ultimately creates enlightenment for you and others to continue your path of understanding.

The Secret of Ascension is simple. “Let go”
There are many that get frustrated as a result of trying to have or not having a “specific” experience. The Masters of Ascension attempt to help us understand what an experience is but it’s foreign to the confused and frustrated.

Letting go of preconceptions and desires is not as simple as it sounds. That is the cornerstone to ascension, and without the ability to let your soul take the wheel and begin having new life experiences, deep ascension will not be achieved. Trust your self as your inner being has so much to share with you. Once you choose to let go, you will finally be able to “listen” to the most important things you need to share with yourself.