This month is something special.

With after 10 years of business, the crew here at has had some errors along the way with product packaging. Crooked labels, poor print quality and wrong quantities on the bottles. We’ve had many experiences re-packaging and discarding incorrect materials.

With our latest “Less Than Perfect” promotion, we’re going to be able to save time and hours on our end and extend some pretty sweet opportunities to you.

Here are the details: fills hundreds and often times thousands of bottles each month for production. Due to our rigid Quality Control practices, sometimes a bottle has been packaged at less than 100%. A crooked label, a shrink sleeve that didn’t seal to perfection or a label print that isn’t up to par. It is our pleasure to extend these Less Than Perfect products to you as a promotion with every order over $50. Liquids and powders are available.

Upon checkout with your qualifying order, please indicate in the shipping field if you would like a liquid or a powder. Every type of product has been saved for this promotion and we hope you enjoy.

We look forward to how this goes and perhaps we’ll be able to do this again if you enjoy. We’d love to here from you about it!!


The team.