The Keleidoscope promotion this month is very exciting. The production process, interesting for many, is precise and timely. For those that are familiar with the common methods of producing M-States, all are a bit different, all create different types of M-States, all take a lot of time. Here at the lab, patience and precision are two core ingredients to the M-State production process. During the powder production process, in a low-humidity clean room we allow the crystals to dry at their own pace absent of heating lamps and drying accelerants which allows a consistent powder to produce from the crystals. As with any drying process, there are residual captures on each drying glass that we collect and blend with the other drying glass collections. This combination creates kaleidoscope, a fun, powerful, very limited and unique M-State blend. Each batch is different. We encourage all to try this batch. It’s catchy, high energy and zesty with a contemplative overtone. We hope you enjoy this run and we hope to hear from you soon!